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Table Tennis Academy in haridwar: Whizzkid international School

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Table Tennis Academy in haridwar: Whizzkid international School

Haridwar is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see in the whole Uttrakhand. While this place is well known for its great religious beliefs and culture. There are many other things to see while you are in Haridwar, especially the best River Ganga. There's a lot of history that you will see in this beautiful city, temples of many gods and goddesses make this city more amusing to discover. While you find all this here the food is another thing to look out for, but what we are here to discover is not a good food platter and not sacred temples. We are going to talk about things that give you a better future, your education. and your physical fitness. Now Whizzkid international School is the providing Table tennis academy in haridwar

Which is Best Table Tennis Academy in haridwar...?

People are getting more and more aware about the importance of physical fitness and playing sports is the best way to maintain a good fitness. For that education and physical health is a must and your children's future depends upon the education he gets and the physical strength he develops. What parents want? That their children go to a good school have a better education.where they also learn about any sport which can make them fit This is why as soon as your child is born you start planning for his future. You go and lookup for play school near me and the best playgroup school in Haridwar near me, affordable pre-kindergarten public schools near me and the best school which provides best training in sports these are the things that most people look when searching for a school. 

The Whizzkid international school is what you might want for your child. The school has a lot of things that we will talk about soon in this article. The school is by far one of the best schools in Haridwar and even being compared to one of the best playschools for children that is your Oswego playschool, preschool lake Oswego, Goddard school near me, the wisdom global school portal, lake Oswego daycare, and Kidzee Haridwar. So without any doubt, you can say this is one of the best preschools near me for 3 year olds and above that age group. Other then these schools Whizzkid International School is providing best table tennis training to make kids physically fit.


One of the things that will make your child better, is competing with many people on the state level. The school offers you that it let your children participate in many activities and sports. Also, give them a chance to compete and make their skills better, by competing with many other talented kids. The school offers kids chances to participate in many inter-school table tennis competitions and make their proud as a well as make a bright start if they choose to become a table tennis player. Whizzkid international provides a great environment where your child will only learn more and grow smarter with time. At Whizkid international School your kid will learn basics of Table Tennis from the most experienced coaches of uttarakhand. It is a CBSE school so you can probably say it's one of the Top Schools in Haridwar. Also, it comes in the list of play school in Haridwar and Best schools in Haridwar, and one of the best school providing Table tennis training. Also, give your child the opportunity of competing against students from Dehradun. in many competitions he will have to compete with older students then his advanced training with using most advanced robots will help him. So this is what makes it state level as your child will be competing against many other students from different cities too And Don't forget Whizzkid International has North India's first Table Tennis Stag Academy. 

Extracurricular activities of the best school in Haridwar

Well, even if your child is good at sport if the best playgroup school in Haridwar, don't give other activities then it won't be good right? So that is the reason the Whizzkid provides you with many activities that your child can do like table tennis, basketball. Table Tennis competitions are done often, even inside the school and also children go and compete with many other students of different schools like the wisdom global school holiday homework for debates too. This will make sure that your student knows how to have great hand-eye coordination and it will improve his cognitive skills and how to keep his brain sharp. when the world is celebrating World Table Tennis Day At Whizzkid we organize inter-school table tennis competitions and sometimes even does competition at school by making groups of students naming different houses and they watch best games of their ideal players. And that is why they let kids learn with teachers about how to make points and how to overcome weaknesses . There are many other types of activities and in the holidays they are given holiday work which they can find by going to school website in the whizzkid international school haridwar holiday homework same like their nearby school finds by going to the wisdom global school potal that are done there which will make your child more interested and active inside the school. 

Library and Laboratory of play school near me

If you look for Pre kindergarten public school near me, and Table Tennis academy near me you will for sure want to have everything then when you finally found a school that gives you almost everything when you see play school near me fees. It's almost too expensive that you settle for some other school instead. Well, this is why we tell you to don't go and look somewhere else the school offers you affordable preschool near me and affordable sports academy option. So you get all the things that will make your child grow and learn table tennis at affordable prices. The is certainly one of them it lets your child have 1 book per week so your child gives interest in reading and can read more books. 

While it's four different Laboratory allows your child to get all the knowledge in practice. In which your child gets a chance to see many animal species in their biology lab. Learn about many amazing formulas in their physics lab. Get to know about chemical reactions and see them happen in front of them in the Chemistry lab. Learn about many different commands and Programs in the computer lab. So what else you will need? The school gives you everything that you must have wanted for your kid to have. 

Facility and Transportation of best play school in Shivalik Nagar Haridwar

The Whizzkid international school that is the best playgroup school in Haridwar provides you with the best facility. The school also offers you it's own Transportation Buses or ferry you may call. Which guarantees your kids safety and their punctuality, their buses cover all of Haridwar. Even near areas Shivalik Nagar, Deep Ganga, etc. This makes it the best play school in Shivalik Nagar Haridwar too, and in Deep Ganga too. 

Stag Table Tennis of best play school near me

There's a reason and a requirement that is needed when you calling your school the Best playgroup school in Haridwar, The best play school near me and one of the most affordable play school near me. That Whizzkid gives you it gives you the best Stag Table Tennis academy. This is no joke as the school is the first school in whole North India that is providing their children with international Level facilities and coaches. This is what makes this school more and more amazing, you may get your library, laboratories, and even your buses in other schools. They will not provide you with International level facilities for your child so your child can also play for India one day. 

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