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Best CBSE schools in Haridwar

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Haridwar is the holy city of India and a world heritage city. So if you belong to haridwar it is a blessing for you. Haridwar city is known in the world for its temples and heritage sites from a lot time but now it is gaining its name as the quality education center as well. There are some of the Best Schools in Haridwar which are doing excellent in primary and secondary education. Whizzkid International School is one of those Schools which are providing quality education to pre-primary, primary and secondary education. Whizzkid International School is the Best ̵School in Haridwar which is located in the D-22 industrial Area, which is also one of the center of the important area of the city. which is why its the safest place for your children. Whizzkid International School is Affiliated to CBSE and comes under Top 10 CBSE Schools in Haridwar. Whizzkid International School is one of the premier Institution of Haridwar teaching students with new and innovative teaching techniques which are student-friendly and helps them in developing mental strength including cognitive skills, problem solving capabilities, and stress management skills. Whizzkid International has a great playground for your child's physical growth.

Best CBSE School in haridwar
Best CBSE School in haridwar

Whizzkid International has the Best campus for kids here are some features: 1. The school has fully spacious and ventilated classrooms. All the classrooms have large bulletin boards to stick up notifications and other interesting facts and announcements for competitions. 2. The library is completely stocked with encyclopedias,  maps, infirmative journals and CD-ROMs which can be used by both teachers and students. 3. The science labs are incandescently, lit and equipped to complete the needs of students. 4. The school highly believes in imparting quality education but adapts to the latest technological advancements as well. The provided facilities in the school nurture children’s minds and encourage them to learn in a productive environment.5.

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