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Best school in haridwar | Whizzkid International School

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Haridwar has a number of education institute which provide good quality education.if you will search for the top 10 best schools in haridwar I am sure that whizzkid will come in no.1. Whizzkid International recently organized a competition in which the wisdom global school haridwar, Uttarakhand and public high school haridwar uttarakhand, dps haridwar, wisdom international public school haridwar ad Sheffield school sidcul Haridwar, Uttarakhand, also participated and Whizzkid International public School came in at first position.Competitions were organized in drawing, debate, shloka recitation and math quiz students of Whizzkid International proved why it is called the best school in haridwar.

Whizzkid International has the North India's best school in haridwar

Whizzkid international School has the north India's first stag Table tennis academy in haridwar to make their students more competitive and strong in their game they're the using most advanced technology which no other school in North India is doing. Their students have won many competitions at the district and state level. That is why no doubt Whizzkid international is the best School in Haridwar. Students of Whizzkid International school are by far the best school in haridwar who is preparing young kids to make a carrier in sports by providing them good facilities best and experienced coaches who know their sport in and out. Some of the students even win competitions by going in other schools while competing against kids older than their age. Whizzkid international holds the name truly to be called the best School in Haridwar.

Best school in haridwar
Best school in haridwar

Very soon Whizzkid International School will organize a new inter-school competition in which. Whizzkid International School is putting effort in academics, facilities and making students excel in sports and their efforts have borne fruit with the students of school excelling in academics, activities and sports. Almost all of their students of the very first batch received merit and certificates from the C.B.S.E., New Delhi. As Whizzkid International School is affiliated to C.B.S.E. So, you can be tension free of the quality of education they're getting. Whizzkid International School is the best school who is continuously updating their curriculum to the latest curriculum which is best suitable for students and can help them maintain balance with the rapidly changing environment around us. Whizzkid international School is truly holding the values it was founded with, that instead of emphasizing rote learning, they encourage debate and promote interactive learning. The socialization of your kid is very important to the school.

And that is achieved through a well-conceived house system, individual counselling and healthy competition. Which motivates children's to study more deeply to beat the competition, And their teachers who have experience in teaching helps students in preparing for the competition through mock tests, class debates and quizzes.Many newspapers also cover the competitions which are organised in school on regular basis. Winning student's gets pictured in the newspaper in a separate article which talks only about their practices and their preparation. Whizzkid International School promises to provide higher level of education in academics rigor and excel in sports and activities which can help students to beat the competition. Whizzkid International School develops holistic personal values in the child which help them in becoming more confident and help himself to never fall in bad habits and empower himself in the difficult situations.

Best school in haridwar | whizzkid international school
Best school in haridwar | whizzkid international school

Very soon Whizzkid International School is going to organise a new inter-school competition in which top 10 best School in Haridwar, will participate in which there will be debate competition, rangoli making competition quizzes, basketball matches, etc. Whizzkid International School keeps organizing such contest after some time intervals in which it gives students of other schools a chance to participate in various activities and sports. The Wisdom Global School Haridwar, Uttarakhand, gives tough competition to Whizzkid International School but as its the Best School in haridwar it wins, DPS haridwar. Teams of The Wisdom Global School in Haridwar, Wisdom International public School haridwar and center school haridwar keeps having basketball and table tennis matches with the team of Whizzkid International School in Haridwar. Competitions likes these not only makes students competitive but also helps in developing harmony and social connections with other students, which helps them in learning from students who are better at some sports from them and hence grow better and more fast.

Whizzkid International School promises to all-around development of kid which includes both physically and mentally there are no. Of sports which are taught in Whizzkid International School like, chess, cricket, hockey and basketball but Table tennis is the academy is their most taught sport. You can think how much administration of School wants their students to go in sports is that they have managed to make North India’s first Stag Table tennis Academy in Haridwar and not only that they’re using the most advanced technology to teach table tennis to students, i.e. by using most advanced Robots which are highly competitive and tough to cheat. Therefore, students get to learn table tennis on a deeper level. Whizzkid international School is the best school in Haridwar which has four separate labs each of physics, Chemistry, biology and computer and each of them is fully equipped with adequate facilities and modern equipment to serve students and spacious so that each student can learn with their own experience and by doing it practically. Whizzkid International School has a big library which has a book on every topic a student looks for and internet facility is open to students to help them undertake their project work. Whizzkid international School is the best School in Haridwar as its keeps organizing cultural events on a regular basis which not only gives students a chance to discover their hidden talents and imbibe traditional values in them.

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