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About School

Established 25 years ago by an experienced team of educationists from Dehradun, Whizzkid International Sr.Sec.School is constantly breaking new ground in bringing the best of education to your child.

Our efforts have borne fruit with the students of the school excelling in academics, activities and sports. CBSE has categorized Whizzkid International School in CAT-A due to good academic results and remarkable progress. 

We welcome your child to the Whizzkid family. 

Whizzkid International Sr.Sec.School was founded in order to provide quality education - a place where the students needs are the center of the educational philosophy, where excellence is stressed by providing individual attention and the overall social development of the children is carefully nurtured.

Instead of emphasizing rote learning, we encourage debate and promote interactive learning. The socialization of the child is very important to us, which is achieved through a well conceived house system, individual counseling and healthy competition.

We aim to provide a holistic education and have comprehensive facilities to develop the child's all-round personality. The classrooms are spacious and designed to be equipped with audio-visual aids. In addition, there is a dedicated audio-visual laboratory to enhance teaching methods. A well-designed computer laboratory is available where each student has an individual machine. 

The library is well stocked with reference, fictional and non-fictional books. It is also equipped with computers to access the internet for reference work. Sufficient space has also been allocated for pursuing the various co-curricular and club activities. The music and art rooms are well provided for, and are continuously upgraded.

Sports form an important part of the daily routine in School and all children are

required to take part. The school has playgrounds and all the required equipment.

Rich Heritage of Whizzkid
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