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Admission Guidelines and Criteria:

Our school year begins in the third week of March, every year. Students arriving from other countries can join as late as September if necessary.

For primary & middle school grades, students must have completed the minimum age on or before 30 September of the academic year for eligibility into the required grade. In addition, the school will also ascertain through a process of classroom observations whether students have achieved the required academic objectives as per the curriculum to be able to cope with the levels of teaching and learning in the relevant grades. Students must also possess adequate classroom skills and be well behaved in order to be able to work in a classroom environment with other children.

Once enrolled, students' admissions can be cancelled by the school management only due to non payment of school fee or issues regarding integrity and harmful behavior. Parents can withdraw their children from the school as per the withdrawal policy of the school.

 Enrollment Procedure :
You are requested to collect and fill in the enrollment form and any enclosures, and submit the same along with the fees on any working day during office hours. Students will be permitted to attend school only on payment of school fee as per the schedule provided


School Office Hours:

Monday to Friday : 10 am to 3.00 pm
Saturday : 10 am to 1 pm
(Please fix an appointment with the school staff before planning a visit)


School Fee:

Please contact the School for details on fee for various programs and other charges.


School Uniforms:
Primary & Middle school students will be required to dress in uniforms as designed and provided by the school. Students are permitted to wear ear studs and watches to school. Any other jewellery will be removed and handed over to the student's parents or care givers.

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